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It is almost impossible to imagine anything more annoying than getting ready for a day out and not being able to turn your key. Whenever you need a professional auto, you need one from a brand you can trust. Within a minute response time and the experience of someone with over a decade in business, a pro from our professional automotive locksmith team will come to you in a fully stocked van. All our automotive lock customers are serviced by only the best automotive locksmith. We are honest, dependable, and reliable.

Auto Key Replacement - Eddie and Sons Locksmith - Brooklyn

Auto Key Replacement Services

  • Locksmith services in an emergency
  • Keys lost
  • Getting locked out
  • Replacement keys for cars & vans
  • Repairing keys

Auto key replacement for a variety of vehicle types are our specialty here. Providing a cost-effective and efficient auto locksmith service in a timely and professional manner is our goal. We make replacement car keys, truck keys, and van keys. Having developed a unique set of skills over many years in the locksmithing industry, we are able to provide our customers with unsurpassed car key replacement service. You can count on us for hassle-free car key replacement service whether your keys have been lost, stolen or broken. All makes and models of car can be supplied and cut by our company

24 Hour Emergency Call-Out Services!

We provide a 24-hour emergency call-out service so your car key problems can be resolved as soon as possible. Our team understands how stressful it is to have a car key broken, lost, or stolen. Consequently, we strive to offer our clients a stress-free service throughout the area. For this exact reason, we have established a solid reputation within this industry. Furthermore, our prices are highly competitive, and we are extremely efficient. You deserve a service that meets your expectations.
Communication is of utmost importance to assure clients that they are in good hands when they entrust their auto locksmith needs to us. Cutting car keys is a specialized field. For this reason, you must always hire true experts if you require the replacement of a car key. Get in touch with us if you need auto key replacement to find out how locksmith Brooklyn can help.

How Do We Provide Auto Key Replacement Service

We do more than help you with lockout problems in your car. Our locksmith company can also help you with problems with faulty ignitions. When your transponder key is damaged, we can repair it for you so you can start your car remotely. We also manufacture keys to go with transponder key repair. You will always have a replacement set of keys handy when the ignition key fails to start the car when locksmith in Bay Ridge Brooklyn are on the job.

Our Key Maker Can Create Any Type of Transponder Key

Since if you lose your key, you will need a replacement, our automotive locksmith can also be called a key maker. Making new or repairing a transponder key or key fob is also part of what we do. You find it very difficult to switch back to manual operation of your vehicle once you get used to push-button access. This has happened to many of our customers! We can make good keys for any repairs you need! You can purchase the newest transponder keys from us today. We are the company for you to rely for auto key replacement services in Brooklyn, NY.

Getting Replacement Keys is Now No Problem

In case your old set of keys is lost or broken, our Washington car locksmith can also make you a new pair. It only takes them a few minutes to copy; the vehicle keys and the copied keys can used to replace your car keys. It doesn’t start and you don’t think it’s the car’s fault, maybe it’s the ignition key? When you need to replace your ignition key, our team of auto locksmith professionals can help.

An Auto Locksmith Who is Certified

Licensed, bonded, and insured, Eddie and Sons Locksmith works on cars. Our technicians will also take care of your cars as if they were their own. With us, you can be sure you’ll receive only the best and cleanest products. In addition to offering a variety of security solutions, we will never scratch or dent your vehicle. The services we provide will be convenient for you. Customers are our primary concern, as well as your safety.

Professional Lock Picking by the Best Locksmith

We understand the importance of the service that we provide if you have ever accidentally locked your keys in your car. With our help, you won’t have to worry about your own inadequacies. It is imperative to return to the road as soon as possible, so our specialists will arrive as quickly as possible. Having the right tools to open a vehicle without causing damage is something Eddie and Sons Locksmith specializes in. Amateur locking pickers have repeatedly caused heavy damage to vehicles. Save yourself the frustration by calling us first. There is always someone ready to help. Furthermore, we are available weekends and holidays for auto key replacement.