Eddie and Sons Locksmith – Broken Door Knob Service

It is not our company policy to reject a customer’s request. How are we able to implement it? Being in the industry for 20 years has allowed us to discover numerous solutions for one problem. Don’t worry if you have broken door knob. The security can become complete again within 45 minutes only. Eddie and Sons Locksmith can repair or replace the door knob as per your request. However, repair work can only be provided if the main parts of knob are intact. Our mission will always be to save your time and money.

Broken Door Knob Is Not A Thing To Worry About

Door knobs are fragile unlike rigid handle locks, like Medeco for example. You must treat them carefully. However, if you have broken one then call us right now. We might be able to fix the situation without replacing the broken door knob. Small parts could be replaced and application of glue could make the knob work perfectly again. It entirely depends upon the condition of broken deadbolt and door knob. All we ask you is to be cooperative with our staffs and let them know in detail about the incident. It helps in going for appropriate solution.

Eddie and Sons Locksmith Can Help You In Installing Locks

Lock installation usually seems an easy task to eyes. However, it takes technical skill and experience to do the job perfectly. Eddie and Sons Locksmith provides consistent training to employees on how to perform ideally in the field. We can help you when it comes to locks installation. You would be amazed to know our charges. For that purpose, you have to call our helpline and get in contact with the representative. We guarantee that you won’t find any loopholes in our service delivery manner. Trust us once and we will be your choice forever.

Broken Door Knob Should Be Replaced Ideally

The decision is entirely for customers to make. On the other hand, we can provide a number of options to you for a particular situation. In case of a broken keys and door knob, we suggest to replace it. However, some customers try to save money and go for repair work. Door knobs have a fragile built. They are likely to break up again in the future after repairs are provided. It is better to replace the old one with new door knob. It will save you from any sudden trouble in the future.