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Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Brooklyn Heights boasts a high number of highly trained experts when it comes to car security. Despite the brilliant qualifications of experts in this city, it is still necessary to do some homework to get services that are worth your money.

We have quality tools to fix all automobile locks

Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Brooklyn Heights, prides itself with superb specialty in the industry, focusing on car locks. The job entails opening locked vehicles through creation of new keys. To perform their work our locksmiths use a decoding machine that makes it easy to decipher the codes, which are a very common phenomenon with modern car locks. Besides their quality tools, our experts have vast knowledge of all automobile locks. Our locksmiths near you offer round-the-clock services; hence, they are always available to attend to any emergency as it arises.

24-hour services in Brooklyn Heights

Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn Heights is the only local locksmith based in Brooklyn Heights NY that offers free 24-hour services. We duplicate your key when you bring it into our shop to have it ready as soon as possible. We also enjoy making use of the facilities while visiting, and let us just say we have our own special way of leaving something behind as our way of saying thank you. We have a long record of breaking into homes, offices, and businesses just to create extra work for ourselves. We do not really steal anything we just like to break locks so that we can replace them.


Established locksmith available 24-hours and a free price quote too.

All stupid childish joking aside, we are an established locksmith company in Brooklyn Heights. We have years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. Please call Eddie and Sons Locksmith at 718-701-8833 for a free price quote. We are very professional, insured, licensed and we always leave the seat down when we are finished.