Some of Eddie and Sons Locksmith Services

Peephole Installation Could Be Your Life Saver

The importance of small hole on the front door of your house cannot be simply ignored. A peephole could be a life saver. Peephole installation service is being provided by Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn. We are also offering a wide range of elegant and sophisticated designs of peepholes. The best part is that peephole is affordable for everyone. On the other hand, it takes only few minutes to install peephole on the front door. Various sizes and shapes of peepholes are available at our outlet. Visit our Brooklyn locksmith to pick your favorite one.

Remove Broken Keys Service Is For All Kinds of Locks & Keys

There are certain types of locks which take only 5 minutes to remove the key. On the other hand, few locks have complex mechanism which makes the key removing task difficult and take up to an hour. No matter how much time it takes, Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn NY guarantees to safely remove the key from any kind of lock. The key removing task requires maximum efficiency as the lock mechanism could be damaged in the process. Locksmith Brooklyn have experienced technicians who take care of such issues comfortably. Our remove broken keys service is only provided during the day hours.

Let Our Security Systems Protect Your Family & Property

A security system is ideal device when it comes to security concerns. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn NY is offering more than 10 brands of security systems. Every brand offers different specs, features, usage and benefits. The price varies according to the features offered. Let us know if you are purchasing a security system for residential or commercial site. The security systems for commercial sites have enhanced features and benefits. The latest supply of security systems is exceptional in terms of reliability. All the security systems come with warranty.

Select From The Wide Range Of Vehicle Locks

Eddie and Sons Brooklyn Locksmith are 100% sure that Eddie and Sons Auto Locksmith Brooklyn have a vehicle lock for you although we don’t know your requirements or the vehicle you drive. On what basis are we making this claim? The 2014 batch of vehicle locks includes more than 25 different models of locks offering various features, specs, usage options, etc. Vehicle locks for almost every vehicle in the world are available at our retail store. Eddie and Sons Car Locksmith Brooklyn promises to find and deliver a solution for your vehicle’s safety. More information could be gained from our representative at 718-701-8833.