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We are a locksmith services providing company. Eddie and Sons Brooklyn NY Locksmith also provides finest security products under the same roof. It provides our customers with more options. It is a common misconception that digital door locks can only be installed at the front door. If you want, a digital door lock can be installed at your bedroom door or store room door. The possibilities are endless when it comes to digital locks installation. These locks are commonly being used at commercial places such as retail outlets, plazas, etc. We sell and install digital locks for our valuable customers. For more information, read about us.

Gun Locks Are Necessary To Use

We have been recommending our customers to use gun locks for their guns. Why do we emphasize on using gun locks? A gun is a machine which could kill anybody instantly. What if someone else uses your gun for his/her vicious plans? It could lead you to being in jail forever. It is your responsibility to ensure that the gun remains safe. With the application of gun lock, your gun could not be used by another person. Eddie and Sons Brooklyn NY Locksmith surely has a suitable gun lock for your gun model. Call us and mention the gun model you are having.


Eddie and Sons Brooklyn Locksmiths

Are you worried of getting your keys lost? Do you feel the need to have spare keys at your disposal at all places and at all times? If your answer is ‘yes’ to these questions or any of it, then you should get in touch with Eddie and Sons Brooklyn Locksmiths sooner than later. Our experts are specifically trained to get your keys copied so that you can use them as and when you like, especially during the times of emergencies. Do not worry; our reliable locksmiths Brooklyn NY services are affordable but effective. You can get the services in accordance to your requirements by calling us up at 718-701-8833.


Brooklyn Locksmith

Have you come across break-in situation? If the answer is “yes”, there is no need to panic at all. Eddie and Sons Brooklyn Locksmith have been delivering professional break-in repairs service from two decades. Our management instructs the staff to show highest levels of professionalism while delivering services in a crucial situation. A break-in scenario is an unfortunate one. We could make your house security completely theft proof. Let us analyze and repair the security conditions at nominal charges. Make further inquiries at 718-701-8833.

Hiring Car Lockout Services From Eddie and Sons Brooklyn Locksmith

We have been delivering car lockout services to our dearest customers from past 10 years. Our staff has come across various prank calls during this time. It has happened many times that when we reach the location, there is one to receive the services and cell phone is set to offline mode. Despite having such experiences, we are still delivering professional locksmith services to our customers. Eddie and Sons Brooklyn Locksmith is looking forward to hearing from your side. Our representative is available 24 hours daily at the phone line. Feel free to collect more details and read about locksmith in Brooklyn NY.

Selling Perfect Digital Door Locks For Commercial Site Usage

The security requirements of a commercial site are needed to be ideal due to the huge amount of risk involved. In a commercial site, there might be a separate room where cash, documents and other valuable items are stored. You can’t install a handle lock on the door of particular room. Going for digital door lock installation is a good idea. A digital lock comes with various features and benefits for the owner. Eddie and Sons Brooklyn Locksmith is offering wide range of digital locks. Choose the one which fulfills all your requirements. We will install the lock for you.

Get Discount Price On Purchase Of High Security Locks

Eddie and Sons Brooklyn Locksmith has been taking care of customers for more than two decades. We started the monthly promotions recently. The new monthly promotion will enable you to purchase selected brands of high security locks at discount price. High security locks are the most expensive when it comes to lock devices. Save money by purchasing one the finest security devices and spend it on something else. All the security devices are sold with warranty. You could claim the warranty in case particular device does not function appropriately. Get more information from the representative.

Hire Eddie and Sons Brooklyn Locksmith For Install Master Key Systems

Do you want some change in your life? Have you made up your mind in going for install master key systems service? If the answer is positive then we look forward to hearing from you. Eddie and Sons Brooklyn Locksmith has a simple procedure of delivering service. You must call us at 718-701-8833 in order to hire master key system installation service. Mention your address and time when you want to avail the service. We will send the staff at exact time. An hour’s time would be enough to perform the service task. Before we leave, you will be asked to check every aspect of delivered service.