Eddie and Sons Locksmith – Commercial locksmith Brooklyn

Eddie and Sons Commercial locksmith in Brooklyn is the most trusted locksmith in Brooklyn NY. Eddie and Sons Locksmith provides a wide range of professional services. Eddie and Sons Commercial locksmith Brooklyn can come to your place of business or office and make master key copies, install or repair locks, re-key your locks, open locked file cabinets and safes.

Expert at high security locks

Eddie and Sons Commercial locksmith is expert and certified to install high security locks and systems. All Eddie and Sons Commercial locksmiths offer a complete line of cash vaults and safes for the protection for your daily cash receipts, important documents, and to help prevent employee theft. In keeping with our high standard of service, we continuously re-train our locksmiths in the latest technologies. Eddie and Sons Locksmith adheres to strict industry standards and all of our locksmiths are fully certified and licensed.

Emergency and non-emergency services

With our high-security services, the sky is the limit. No job is too big or small and no request is unimportant. Eddie and Sons Commercial locksmith is available for all of your emergency and non-emergency services on 24-hour call. Our locksmiths are equipped with the latest in high-end technology and training with state of the art inventory, providing you with not only licensed and insured technical service, but also with trustworthy, expert installations from true masters of the trade.

We can open safes without damaging them

Eddie and Sons Locksmith provides services that can save a catastrophic situation. Our services, organized mainly into household, workplace and auto lock services were adapted to suit your every need. A good safe, protects valuables, money, certificates, and important documents. You might find yourself in a situation where you are need what is in the safe, but are not able to access it because you have forgotten the password. What do you do? We have locksmiths who know how to open the safes. Safes vary in type, model, and technical sophistication so it is important to find reliable and competent professionals who will help you deal with the problem at hand. All Eddie and Sons Commercial locksmiths in Brooklyn are well equipped and well experienced. We operate all across Brooklyn , for example see our locksmith Williamsburg Brooklyn !


Call 718-701-8833 for quick 15 minute service

There is no job to big or complicated that Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Brooklyn cannot handle. Call today for 10% off. We have trained operators ready to take your call day and night at 718-701-8833. Eddie and Sons Commercial locksmith can have a man at your door within 15 minutes in an emergency. When Eddie and Sons Locksmiths say we will be there, we mean it. We will not waste your time waiting around for us to arrive, punctuality is important to you and to us.

Now Master Key Systems are in High Demand

Master key system didn’t get off to a hit start. However, the concept was never rejected by general public. Our company has observed significant increase in demand of master key system installation service over the last 6 months. People have understood the life changing benefits of master key system. Eddie and Sons Locksmith has lowered the charges for installation service. Our mission is to cater maximum number of people. It can be installed at commercial and residential sites only if the locks are supportive. Take house control in your hands by installing master key system.