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Working hard to grow your business is important. What’s more important is to protect this business as well. Advanced and high security locks installed in your commercial spaces can ensure some level of security. Moreover, the security of commercial buildings also depends on the type of locks you install. As professionals, Botvinnik Locksmith company in Brooklyn, NY, recommends you install a commercial deadbolt lock to keep intruders and burglars away from your property. Trust us, and we will get the best workforce to help you with your lock installation services.

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What are Deadbolt Locks? Why They Are The Best Option

A deadbolt lock is a type of door lock that provides extra protection against forced entry by requiring an extra action from an intruder – turning the deadbolt or knob. These types of locks can be found on doors in your home and other commercial buildings, such as businesses and dorm rooms.

A deadbolt is a type of mechanical lock that uses a mechanism with two locking mechanisms. When the two mechanisms meet, the door slides closed. To exit the room, the intruder must turn the knob or turn the locked door to exit. This requires two actions from the intruder – one to unlock the door and another to turn the knob to exit.

Deadbolt locks are commonly found on doors in your homes, such as your front door and your bedroom doors. They are also often found on doors in your business – including your front office and back office doors. Deadbolt locks provide greater security because they require more physical force to enter than standard locks do. This means they are more likely to prevent a forced entry attempt from becoming successful.

A deadbolt lock also provides an extra measure of security for any belongings you keep in those rooms – your personal items, money, keys and so on. If you have any doubts about who can enter those rooms, a deadbolt lock is an excellent precaution against intruders that have keys or copies of passwords or keys. You can hire Eddie and Sons Locksmith company for exceptional commercial deadbolt lock installation services in Brooklyn, NY. We can install these high-security locks efficiently.

Types Of Commercial Deadbolt Locks – We Can Install Any One

There are two different styles of deadbolt locks: mortise and cylinder locks. Mortise locks attach the lock to the doorframe using mortises, while cylinder locks push the lock into a hole in the door.

Mortise Locks: mortise locks attach to the doorframe with screws or t-tracks. These deadbolt locks require you to insert a key in order to lock or unlock your door. A mortise lock is manufactured with solid brass sleeves, satin chrome finishing, and with keyed deadbolt option or without.

Cylinder Locks: cylinder locks are available in keyed or keyless versions and push into the doorjambs using screws. These lockings require you to use a key to lock and unlock your door. A cylinder lock is manufactured with solid brass sleeves and painted steel finish, and with keyed deadbolt option or without.

If you want to install any of the above-mentioned types of deadbolt locks, then you can hire Eddie and Sons Locksmith company. We are offering top-notch installation services in Brooklyn, NY and all its surroundings. Hire us to save time and high service charges. We are offering these commercial deadbolt lock installation services at competitive prices. Call us now for our reliable services.