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Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn provide Security Systems For Every Site

After spending 20 years in the field we know that providing security solutions for everything is our responsibility. Security systems are a must to have security device for every site in the world. You should consider installing it right away at your house. Ensuring the security of your family is most important. On the other hand, you must also consider installing a security system at your business site. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn is offering 10 brands of security systems with different prices, features, usage, benefits and specs. Call us to know more.

Vehicle Keys Made In just 20 Minutes

If you call us, it won’t be long before you could have extra vehicle keys at home. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn operates in a unique manner. We bring all the locksmith services at customer’s location. In case of vehicle keys made service, our staff will need access to the ignition switch in order to manufacture the new keys. On the other hand, copied keys can be provided by taking the original key from you. All this can be done outside your home in the radio dispatched van. You could call on 718-701-8833 for more information.

Window Gates Are Available In Elegant Designs

Do you have a house of your own? In this case, you must ensure ideal security at the house. Secure your property with the usage of window gates. According to a recent survey, most thieves break-in from the windows. The statistics are giving you a warning. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn has 10 elegant designs of window gates. Get in contact with our staff. We can bring the catalogue at your doorstep and provide detailed guidance about window gates. Couple of hours is needed to install them. Front windows need more protection than the back ones.

Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn Staffs Work Evenings For You Only

From the last 20 years, we have been operating in the day hours only. The conditions have changed drastically in last two decades. Professional life has become highly demanding. Now, people want to hire locksmith services in the evening as they are busy in day hours. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn has introduced work evenings service for you. Take care of every security issue in the evening. You can make reservations for our services anytime. Our helpline is open 24/7 around the clock. The standard of service delivery remains same. Evening shift staff replaces the day time staff. In this way, work stress is reduced to a certain limit for our technicians.

24/7 Service Has Been A Huge Hit In The Market

Introduction of our 24/7 service has created hype in the market. Other locksmiths are wondering about how are we able to manage it. Let us mention the secret of our business. We operate via usage of radio dispatched vans. We don’t have to keep an outlet open for 24 hours. Managing a physical outlet is not easy. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn uses vans as mobile shops. These vans are present in different areas of the city. You can call us anytime of the day to hire locksmith service.