Eddie and Sons Emergency Locksmith Brooklyn NY

New Locks Installation Is Mandatory After A Decade

Have you been living in the same house for more than a decade? If that’s the case then we have a valuable recommendation for you. It is necessary to change locks after a decade. During this time period the locks become fragile. It is extremely easy to break these locks. New locks installation has become mandatory for you. We can show you a wide range of door locks in different price ranges. Eddie and Sons Emergency Locksmith Brooklyn NY is offering locks installation services for affordable charges. Let’s discuss your situation in detail. Pick up the phone and contact on 718-701-8833.

Getting To Know More About Peephole Installation

A peephole comes in several designs. It’s not only a small hole in the front door. You could purchase a more sophisticated small window type peephole. You can adjust the peephole at desired height during installation process. It is definitely the cheapest security device in market. Due to this, peephole installation service is also provided for low charges. Eddie and Sons Emergency Locksmith Brooklyn NY takes the responsibility of installing numerous peepholes every day. Don’t open the door without confirming who is outside. It could lead to a life threatening event. Peephole can be your guardian.

Avail Remove Broken Keys Service In 20 Minutes From Now

Are you in hurry to attend an important meeting but broke a key? The situation couldn’t have been more complex. However, we can help you in this situation by delivering professional locksmith services in no more than 20 minutes. Eddie and Sons Emergency Locksmith Brooklyn NY needs a total of 20 minutes to reach at your place and remove the keys. Our firm always fulfills what we claim. Remove broken keys service can be hired in two ways; urgent basis and advance reservations. Let us know your specific requirements when you call. We will act according to your requirements.

Purchasing Security Systems For Residential Site

Our management has recently received the 2014 batch security systems. The latest security systems will be on sale from Monday. If you wish your family well, opt for security system installation. A door lock cannot provide ideal security conditions. You need to have a guard outside your front door. If you can’t afford it, at least purchase a security system. It has all the abilities to make your property and family safe. Eddie and Sons Emergency Locksmith Brooklyn NY will show every feature of the security system you purchase. Our 24 Hour Locksmith Brooklyn NY will provide a demo of how to use it.