Eddie and Sons Brooklyn Locksmith provides a 24 hour emergency and non-emergency call out service for all your locksmith requests and questions. We have customer service representatives, operators, dispatcher, and locksmith technicians standing by to help you get the answers to what you need to know and send the technicians out to you when in need. The average response time is 20 minutes; however you can also schedule an appointment for a time that works best for you, also allowing us to work diligently to provide the best quality of work. Our Brooklyn locksmith will answer your call no matter the time. Give us a call today so we get you on your way to a more secure home and protecting what matter most.

What is the purpose of a locksmith?

A locksmith is a professional that is trained in the ways of unlocking all kinds of keys holes that have been locked with misplaced or lost keys. There are many different degrees of locksmithing. Some even can make repairs to certain locks. They are also trained in the ways of unlocking the lock without creating and damage to the door or lock it. Locksmiths are a tradition trade and usually require some schooling or internship to completely be certified. It is up to the locksmith to determine if entering the lock is in the best interest of the property, based on the information given by the client. Locksmiths can refuse to allow their services to be used inappropriately.

How do I determine the best local locksmith?

Asking around your community, or checking online sources like angieslist.com can aid in finding the right locksmith for you. There are ways to check their reviews online. See what there previous customers are saying about their professionalism, pricing, and over all experience that they had when dealing with the company.

Property Ownership Verification

Be advised, our locksmiths will not preform house lockout or car lockout job, without verifying your identity, and ownership of the house / car. This may seem obvious, for the purpose of preventing theft and fraud, but many people dont expect a locksmith to ask for their ID. Sure you may have locked your ID inside your house or car along with your keys, but you will still be required to show them to the locksmith once you are inside. Otherwise we are obliged to report immediately to the local police station. In fact, if you call a Brooklyn locksmith and they DONT ask to verify your identity when unlocking your house, it may serve as a warning signal that you are dealing with someone less than professional, perhaps even dishonest.