Eddie and Sons Locksmith – 11201 Brooklyn

Every lock is different from other locks. However, all the door locks in a house are pretty much similar to each other. Only the patio door lock is different. The security needs of patio area require a specific type of device. Industry has come up with the answer in form of specially designed patio door locks. Eddie and Sons Locksmith is selling 5 brands of patio locks. Upon your request, we can install the lock at anytime you want. Our technicians are able to repair the patio locks as well. Call our staff on 718-701-8833 to get more information about us.

Our Business Is Based On Radio-Dispatched Services

Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn 11201 has earned respect, fame and success while being in the locksmith industry. Our business philosophy has not changed over the last 20 years. Radio-dispatched services are formulated and designed in a unique manner. It is the best way any locksmith can cater customers. From copied keys to locks installation, all the services are delivered at your doorstep. This is how convenience is inserted in our service blue print which in the end benefits customers. The radio dispatched services business model is not easy to copy and implement.

Protection Ensured With New Vehicle Locks

Have you taken notice of the increasing vehicle theft crime rate? If you have then you must be willing to take a step for your vehicle security. We are hinting towards latest vehicle locks. The industry has introduced different and improved vehicle locks. The designs are ideal in terms of vehicle security assurance. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn 11201 is going to put latest 2014 vehicle locks on sale in a few days. Mention your vehicle model to our representative. In this way, we will be able to present the most suitable options in front of you. Safeguard what you own by staying proactive.

Window Locks Are Affordable For Everyone

Affordability is not an issue for everyone. Majority of the people just don’t bother to take care of things. We don’t think that the house windows are important when it comes to security concerns. However, the area can be of use to someone willing to break-in. You must always stay ready for any possible situation. Window locks are delivered at the doorstep of every customer who requests us. Just mention the window type and we will bring suitable locks. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn New York delivers all the security solutions. All you have to do is contact us.

Serving You With Work Weekends Service

Locksmith industry remains close at the weekend. We are trying to change this norm as our management finds it against customer needs. A security issue can appear at weekend. It might be possible to put situation on hold. Sometimes the matter is risky and requires immediate attention. In such circumstances, Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Brooklyn 11201 is here to cater you. Contact us at the helpline and hire work weekends service. You have the liberty to make advance booking for our weekend services. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay extra for availing locksmith services at the weekend.