Eddie and Son Locksmith Brooklyn NY – Fast and Experienced

Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn are experienced with safes and vaults

A locksmith cannot offer safes and vaults service if the staff is not experienced. Safes and vaults have a complex mechanism. To understand it, the staff must be trained and experienced. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn NY has formed a separate unit of experts who have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. We can deliver the safe and vault services at any hour of the day. You don’t need to visit us. Just give our Brooklyn locksmith a call and mention your address. We will be at your doorstep whenever you find it convenient to avail our services.


Transponder Keys are a Simple & Efficient Technology

How does a transponder key work? When the transponder key is used to ignite the vehicle, the ECU checks the serial number of key and ignites the engine if it matches. On the other hand, if the serial number does not match then the engine is not ignited. Transponder keys are still known to be the best vehicle security device. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn NY has provided transponder keys for free to the entire staff for their vehicles. We recommend you to opt for a transponder key. Thats why we are the number 1 locksmith in Brooklyn!

Elegant Designs Of Window Gates

There was a time when only one design of window gates was available. Today, locksmith Brooklyn NY is proud to offer more than 20 designs of window gates. Not even a single design looks rigid and clumsy. The availability of various designs allows you to pick the one which suits your house the most. We can install window gates at your residential site within a couple of hours. Our charges are affordable for everybody. Window gate should be considered just as important as any other security device. Protect your property with installation of window gate.

Our Staff Work Weekends For Your Family’s Safety

Our employees have families just like you have. However, we dedicate all our time to make your family’s security complete. With the introduction of work weekends service, we are conducting business operations for 365 days a year and 24 hours daily. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn NY feels proud to cater customers in the hour of need. Our mission is to be the one who safeguards your property and family. We are professional in the business conduct. To hire our services, you need to contact us by calling at 718-701-8833.