Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn NYC

We have high security locks for all buildings

There is perhaps no other company with as many security locking solutions as we do. Whether you need locks for your house, business premises, factory, church, office, school, pet’s house, or store, we have the most suitable solutions. You can make a selection from our wide range. However, the huge collection at Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn NYC may make you be spoiled for choice! In this regard, let one of our technicians choose the ideal high security locks for your premises. As we have been in business for pretty long, we know which type will suit your needs.

Sign a repair agreement before you install master key systems

The fact that your security is the most important fact in life cannot be overemphasized. It should be safeguarded by high security locking systems, such as master key solutions. However, unscrupulous dealers could fail to keep their part of the bargain as they install master key systems in your house or office. In this regard, make an agreement with a company, such as Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn NYC before the procedure. The agreement should stipulate the terms of installation, warranties, and repair of the installation. This agreement ensures you do not get a raw deal.

Talk to attentive staffs for lockout services

When you have accidentally locked your keys in the house or office, call the customer support representatives at Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn NYC. They will listen keenly to your questions and offer practical assistance fast. They are always alert and ready to answer your call any time of day or night. It is best to call immediately so that we extend our lockout services fast. Ensure you clearly stipulate the location of your house or car, so that we do not go to the wrong address! Let the representative take note of your name, type, and make of your car.

Read and understand the instructional manual of a master key system

Although the operation of a master key system is quite simple, it may occasionally be a headache for some users. If you are one of them, find help from the instructional manual provided with the system. Most systems from Eddie and Sons Locksmith Service Brooklyn NYC have detailed guidelines that systematically explain the proper procedures of installation and operation. In addition, you will find valuable drawings and illustrations to direct you. Even when you know how to operate the system, reading provides more insight. If you feel that the system is too complex, call 718-701-8833 for additional support.