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Are your safes and vaults opened using traditional method?

Your most prized possessions are perhaps stored in safes. That is the most natural step towards securing weapons and ammunition. However, you could enhance their security by using modern locking and unlocking techniques from Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Brooklyn Park Slope today. For example, invest in touch-sensitive lock that is highly burglarproof. You can programme the device such that only a couple of people have access to the stored items. Simply place your finger on the panel and voila! Safes and vaults opened this way ensure that your small children and teenagers have no right of entry.

Did you know that transponder keys could keep away the most seasoned carjacker?

Technology has changed arguably every way of doing things. Naturally, vehicle-locking procedures have not been left behind. As transponder keys are highly intuitive, your car will not move an inch unless the proper key has been used. If a car thief tried to open using a different key, the car automatically notifies you of an attempted robbery. In this regard, ensure you only use the designated key. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn Park Slope prides itself in being the most accomplished provider of installation and repair services. These keys are also suitable for vehicle fleet companies.

Install window gates for maximum security

Window gates are probably the newest security addition in the security of homes, churches, businesses, offices and factories. Since Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Brooklyn Park Slope introduced the devices, many people have invested in them. Do not be left behind. A window gate is a simple idea where an impenetrable grille is added to the exterior of your window. You can choose from gates that function manually or automatically by the press of a button. Our gates do not impede the entry of sunshine or fresh air into your house. Similarly, they do not block you from enjoying the beautiful scenery surrounding your building.

We are among few companies that do not charge additional rates when we work weekend

Are you tired of security installation and service companies that do not work weekend? A small study can reveal that many operators choose to keep their doors locked on Saturdays and Sundays, but not Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Brooklyn Park Slope. By remaining closed, they erroneously assume that you will not lock your car keys in your house or car. In addition, our competitors will charge you additional rates when you call them on weekends. Call us on 718-701-8833 as we believe in extending trusted services to all our customers regardless of what day of week it is.

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