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Do you ou have a safe that needs to be opened but doesn’t have the key? Did you forget its passcode? You may be wondering how you can unlock the safe without a key or passcode. Fortunately, there are a few ways to handle a safe lockout, and a qualified locksmith can help you get back into your safe quickly and securely. If you need a hassle-free locksmith company to call upon, then contact Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Brooklyn, NY. We are dependable and reliable professionals to work with. No matter which makes and model of safe you are using, hire us to open it quickly and smoothly. We have a qualified locksmith to open a safe at cost-effective rates.

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What Is A Sentry Safe Lockout?

A Sentry safe lockout occurs when a user has forgotten their password or if the safe has malfunctioned. When a lockout occurs, the user must contact Sentry’s customer service department to reset the safe. Depending on the model of the safe, Sentry will either provide a new code or a tool to reset the safe. But it’s more beneficial to call a local locksmith for quick service. The reason is local locksmiths can reach you immediately due to their mobile service. If you are planning to hire a local one, then no one is better than Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Brooklyn, NY. Call us for an emergency lockout service and get an instant service.

How to Unlock a Safe Without a Key? Here Are A Few Tips

The first step to unlocking a safe without a key is to determine the type of safe you have and the kind of lock that is installed. Knowing this information will help the locksmith determine which method of opening the safe will be most successful.

  • If the lock is a basic pin tumbler lock, a locksmith can use a lock pick tool to open the safe. This method is the most common and most effective way to open a safe without a key. A qualified locksmith should be able to open the safe without damage to the lock or safe. For that, you can hire Eddie and Sons Locksmith company as we have an experienced and trained locksmith to open a safe.
  • If the safe has an electronic or combination lock, then the locksmith may need to use a specialized tool to open the safe. This tool may be a special lock pick gun or a combination lock tool. The locksmith will have to determine the correct code to enter into the device to open the safe.
  • The last option for opening a safe without a key is to drill the lock. This method is the most potentially destructive of all of the methods, as it can damage the safe, the lock, and the contents inside. It is important to note that drilling a safe may be illegal in some areas, so it is best to consult a qualified locksmith before attempting to drill the lock.

How To Unlock A Sentry Safe If You Forget Its Password?

If you’ve forgotten your Sentry safe’s password, don’t worry. There are a few ways to get back in.

Call Sentry’s customer service department:

If you still have your Sentry safe’s serial number, you can call their customer service department and request a reset code.

Use a reset tool:

Depending on the model of your Sentry safe, you may be able to use a reset tool to unlock the safe. Sentry offers reset tools for some of their models. You can purchase a reset tool directly from Sentry.

Contact a locksmith to open a safe:

If you’ve tried the first two options and are still locked out of your Sentry safe, you may need to contact a locksmith to open a safe. Contact Eddie and Sons Locksmith, that can provide you with a new combination or key to access your safe. Trust us, as your security is our top priority.