Eddie and Sons Locksmith – Park Slope Brooklyn

Eddie and Sons Locksmith Park Slope Brooklyn has the skill and experience to fix or replace any lock at any home or business. We have a reputation for being the company to call for panic bars and high security dead bolts. If you just moved into your Park Slope home and you want to upgrade all the locks in your home call us for a security consultation. We are competitively priced, exceeding over the top in our professionalism, and courteous to a fault. We work clean and we respect your schedule. Our locksmith will arrive at the exact time that we promise, because our locksmith is near you.

Specialists at opening locked safes

Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Park Slope Brooklyn has an array of specialists in the locksmith industry who offer reputable services on a number of products including safes. It takes quite some time to master the art of opening a safe without the knowledge of its key combination.

We have all the right tools

Safe and vault locksmiths require a set of tools that enhances the precision required to open a locked safe. One tool vital in this case is the bore-scope. A flexible optical device has an eyepiece and an objective lens on either ends. Though a highly trained expert in this field will not require doing any form of drilling, however, when things tend to become quite hard, the man will have to do it. For that reason, he or she will need a drill rig and a drilling tool.

 Call 718-701-8833 for licensed and insured service

Our professionals come well equipped will all the necessary tools to open your safe. Call Eddie and Sons Locksmith at 718-701-8833 for professional, licensed, and insured services in Park Slope Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights NY. Call now and receive 10% off the installation of a new panic bar or dead bolt.