Eddie and Sons Residential Brooklyn Locksmiths

Ignition Switch Keys Service Is Necessary After Couple Of Years

People keep driving their car without availing ignition switch keys service. It usually leads to switch damage or key breakage. It could be both at the same time. Hiring us can prevent any such incident from happening. What are the tasks performed during ignition switch keys service? Eddie and Sons Residential Brooklyn Locksmiths send the experienced technicians who open up the ignition switch in order to clean it. Any parts that require repairing are taken care of immediately. New keys are provided if the old one is out of shape.

Keys Copied Service Is Available 24/7

Getting keys copied was a time taking task in the past. We have made the whole procedure swift for customers. Call us right now at our 24/7 available helpline and mention your requirements. Our employees will hit the road as soon as possible. When they reach at your doorstep, all you have to do is to hand over the original key. It won’t take more than 20 minutes to manufacture the keys. Eddie and Sons Residential Brooklyn Locksmiths plan for the customers’ betterment. You could hire copied keys service at any time of the day.

Magnetic Locks Bring Theft Proof Security Conditions

Every security device brings a specialty feature with itself. Magnetic locks bring ideal security conditions wherever they are installed. Mostly you will see these locks installed at commercial sites. At home, magnetic locks could be used at the patio door. We have a supply of electric and nonelectric magnetic locks. The nonelectric locks remain active for a certain time period without electricity supply. People usually opt for these locks. Eddie and Sons Residential Brooklyn Locksmiths are selling the magnetic locks at moderate price. Our security devices are backed by warranty. You can get more details from our staff at the help line.