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When you are looking for ways to secure you car, irrespective of the model you own, consider having the car keys made from the specialist! Being a respectable and affordable service provider that we are, Eddie and Sons 24/7 Auto Locksmith Brooklyn can certainly help you get car keys that will ensure security and that is within your budget. So irrespective of the car model you own, give us a call and get the keys made according to your requirements. We are sure our expertise in making car keys and knowledge of latest technologies will help you and your car immensely! We shall take care and attention to help create keys for you.

For cars unlocked services call us anytime!

Unlocking your cars can be a messy affair, especially if you are doing it without any experience or knowledge. This is when you need experts’ help. Irrespective of the car model you own; we can help unlock it successfully with our experience and knowledge. Therefore, for any cars unlocked help contact us, 24 Hour Auto Locksmith Brooklyn at 718-701-8833. Our expert technicians will be there with you in getting over your car problem in the quickest possible time. Our exposure in unlocking services and car equipment gives us an edge to carry out these services for our clients with quickest turnaround time and on budget!

Get affordable and best-in-class digital door locks from us

There are many ways to secure your office or home. But the best opportunity to you is provided by those gadgets that incorporate latest technologies and equipment. If your requirement requires this kind of feature at your place then you need to try our digital door locks. Eddie and Sons 24 Hour Auto Locksmith Brooklyn, have been providing these locks since a long time. The best part with our locks is that they are affordable and of premium quality. In having them installed at your place; there is no way you can go wrong with the security features. Make sure you check them out at the earliest.

24 Car Locksmith Brooklyn


When you are looking forward to secure your place, think of Eddie and Sons 24 Car Locksmith Brooklyn. Our experienced and talented locksmiths provide 24/7 service to ensure your security is never compromised anywhere, anytime. We provide a wide range of products and services meeting your budget. Therefore, if there is an urgent locking need, just think of us. We will be there at your place in a record time providing with the kind of services you will be proud of! We incorporate all the latest technologies available at our disposal to ensure you get fool-proof security cover at all times and for different kinds of applications. Call today!

For reliable break-in repairs we can be of immense help!

Need urgent break-in repairs solutions at your place? Cannot find a reliable and value-for-money service provider for your requirement? Do not worry. Our locksmiths are there to help you with your needs anytime and anywhere. Just make sure you get in touch with us, Eddie and Sons 24 Car Locksmith Brooklyn, with your emergency locksmith needs. We have experienced and talented lock experts working with us that can do the trick for you! Just give us a call or pay visit to us at our facility to know how we can make a difference to your security features. Whilst our rates are affordable, our services are reliable, smart and quick.