Auto Locksmith Brooklyn - Newest Transponder Keys!

Do you ever slam your car door shut only to realize moments later that your keys are still in the ignition? You’ll need a reliable, close-by auto locksmith Brooklyn, NY to help you with this one. We have over a decade in business in Brooklyn NY, so you can be sure that our auto locksmith Brooklyn team is dependable and give you the best possible car services. We have promised a 20-minute response time from our fully loaded auto locksmith Brooklyn van to help you with everything from auto lockouts to copy vehicle key services. Call us today and we’ll send one of our honest and friendly techs to you.

Eddie and Sons Auto Locksmith Service in Brooklyn

We’ve got you covered. Our auto we lose one, we usually lose them all. That’s no problem for us. Our auto locksmith service in Brooklyn will send a van to you with a key maker to replace anything from a regular to an ignition key, and even a transponder if you need. Call one of our helpful auto locksmith Brooklyn team members to make new car keys. Whether you lost yours or just need copies, Eddie and Sons would love to be of service to you. The best key maker!

Replacing Your Transponder Key

Most vehicles these days use a transponder key instead of traditional keys. That’s why it’s important that as your auto locksmith Brooklyn we’re able to make any car key that you might need replaced. You’ll give us a call, we’ll send a van right to you, our trusted transponder key maker will do any job, and soon you’ll be on your way. Did you lose your fob too? No worries, because Eddie and Sons can get you a new key fob as well. When you need service for your car, you’ll know to call us, your local car locksmith Brooklyn for your entire automotive replacements and fixes. We have the right key maker for you.

Let Us Make Your Replacement Car Keys

We take our cars everywhere, and sometimes our car keys get left behind and you’ll need some help getting replacement car keys. Or perhaps you need a copy of a vehicle key for your wife. For whatever the reason, we are the auto locksmith Brooklyn you can call when you need replacement car keys. We can replace just about any type. You name it! Eddie and Sons is the number one choice for all your vehicle needs.

Making an Ignition Key is a Breeze for Our Locksmiths

We are the premier auto locksmith Brooklyn has to offer, and we can create an ignition key for you in no time. An ignition key is complex in that it sends electronic messages from the switch to the engine starter. But you’re in luck because it’s no match for our Brooklyn ignition locksmiths. There is no other locksmith like us anywhere in Brooklyn!

The importance of having high quality car keys made

There are already several car models that are utilizing power door features. A number of these cars are using the automatic door lock key function. This development did not stop Eddie and Sons Locksmith from offering their services of having car keys made upon the request of the owner of the vehicle. Only reputable establishments have been offering this service in recent years. A company that has high credibility and a good trust rating by their customers is the one which should be offering this type of service upon demand. If the demand is not that high, it is certain that the service would be discontinued.