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Our company has grown to become one of the Brooklyn’s leading locksmith companies. We offer commercial lock services for all our small business clients and the best building companies. Whether you have a small or a critical issue with your locks or keys, our experts can solve it for you. You can contact us without any hesitation! You will always get trusted locksmith services at our company.

Would you like to secure your building from burglars? Are you looking for commercial door locks? Are you looking for safe locks or combination locks? Call our well-trained and bonded experts. With our services, all businesses in Brooklyn, NY are protected from burglars, theft, and damage by secure locking systems. The range of services we provide is extensive. Commercial electronic keypads, keyless, and fingerprint locks can be installed, repaired, or replaced with the finest tools on the market. As per state statute, we are licensed and insured by the State of New York.

Our Expert Services In Brooklyn, NY

Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn goes far beyond just opening your front door. Besides re-keying master systems, we can also install keyless entry systems and new door locks. Our safe locks and file cabinets lock installation provide safe storage for sensitive data. We offer metal locks with high security which is the best way to prevent theft in your business. Additionally, keypad locks installation reduces the problems associated with key distribution.

We can install panic bars for rooms with multiple occupants. In addition to installing, repairing, or replacing commercial door hardware, we can also help with, door closers, door operators, hinges, and electric strikes. Property managers and business managers will find our master key system extremely useful. This provides multi-level access control for opening doors in the building, allowing groups of users to have access. You can call our talented and hardworking experts to do all these installations, repairs, and replacement services.

Commercial Lockouts - Don't Need To be Frustrated!

You’re obviously frustrated when you’re locked out of your office. Being locked out of your office leaves you feeling alone and uncomfortable. You don’t have to worry anymore. Because we have the solution to your commercial lockouts with our highly trained technicians. Experts that have worked with us for several years will provide top lockout services to you. We strive to deliver excellent service as a company with an excellent reputation. We are equipped with a variety of equipment and tools. In addition, our rates are reasonable! So, call us without any delay.

Keypad Locks - Professional Keyless Entry Lock Services!

Keyless door locks, also known as keypad locks, are widely used and highly popular type of code locks. Instead of being able to use a separate key, the user must enter a numeric code. Upon pressing the correct combination, the deadbolt releases and, after closing, locks itself automatically. The digital keyless entry and mechanical keyless door locks are both automatic door locks. Digital versions require batteries or the main power source whereas the former does not. Workplace and domestic settings commonly use both types of keycode locks.

You should hire a professional to install your keypad locks or upgrade your existing lock to allow keyless entry. We have expert keypad lock installation, repair, and replacement services. Our technicians can handle digital keyless entry systems for the safety of commercial buildings. Contact us right now. When you call us, we will send our digital lock technician to your location. We can come to you promptly because our services are mobile.

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Electric Door Lock - Extensive Training for Programming Electric Lock!

An electric lock (or electronic lock) is a device that uses electricity to lock and unlock a door. Locks with electric controls may be standalone with the electronic controller mounted on the lock. The locking mechanism in these locks is not traditional. Therefore, a locksmith won’t be able to open these locks using the usual tools. An expert needs programming and IT knowledge in order to open a smart lock. We have trained our experts with extensive training for the programming of electric locks. We can assist you with different types of electric locks such as

  • Electric Door Strikes
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Electric Bolt Locks
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Locks
  • Electronic Keypad Locks
  • Bluetooth Electronic Locks

Security With Competitive Prices!

Our company provides attractive prices and special discount offers to our loyal customers. The safety of the company is crucial to the well-being of your employees as well as the security of your tools. Our training, qualification, knowledge, and experience are enough to make us a reliable and reputable company. You should always hire a professional instead of a scammer. Scammers provide services at high charges with low quality. Therefore, contact us and get 24\7 emergency locksmith services at your doorstep.

Moreover, we also provide residential locksmith Brooklyn, auto locksmith, and emergency locksmith Brooklyn services.

Commercial FAQ

Yes, we have extensive training to provide you security with our electric door locks. Our experts can install and upgrade them very easily.

We can install, repair, or replace commercial electronic keypads, keyless, and fingerprint locks. Furthermore, we offer padlocks, deadbolt locks, and panic bar locks with the finest tools.

Yes, our 24\7 commercial lockout services are able to serve you after working hours. We understand that an emergency can occur at any time. So, we are always ready to help with our office lockouts.

We aim to strive for the security of your commercial buildings at any time. We have commercial doors, security locks, and lockout services at very reasonable prices to make you secure and comfortable.

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