Eddie and Sons 24 Hour Locksmith Brooklyn

We provide all kinds of emergency locksmith services. The best part is that under the same roof you can purchase security devices of various types such as door locks, padlocks, vehicle locks, etc. Eddie and Sons 24 hour locksmith Brooklyn has kept service blue print highly flexible for the customers. When you need to hire our broken key extraction service, we can visit you or ask you to visit us depending upon the situation. If you have broken a key in a lock which can be carried then we will ask you to visit us. On the other hand, we will be at your doorstep within half hour if the lock cannot be carried. We provide latest equipment to the staff which makes their job easier.

Replace Old Locks With Our Digital Door Locks

It is not wise to keep the old security devices in use when you can afford better and latest security solutions. We are talking about installation of digital door locks. The time has gone when a digital door lock was considered as a luxury item. These days a digital door lock is moderately priced. Eddie and Sons 24 hour locksmith Brooklyn is currently offering 10 brands of digital locks. Visit us and choose the one which suits your requirements. Eddie and Sons are open 7 days a week.

Getting Ignition Switch Keys Service Is Vital

Do you know that with time the ignition switch starts getting damaged which ultimately leads to malfunctioning? That’s right, if you ever realize that the key is not functioning smoothly inside the ignition switch it means that a service job is needed. Eddie and Sons 24 hour locksmith in Brooklyn provides ignition switch keys service at minimal charges. All the dust and other dirt particles are removed from the ignition switch. On the other hand, new keys are provided if the key has gone out of shape.

Opt For Locks Rekeyed Service When You Have Lost The House Keys

Have you recently lost the house keys? In this case, you must act proactively as someone might have stolen the keys to commit theft at your property. There is no need to call the cops. All you have to do is to dial 718-701-8833 and hire our locks rekeyed service. By paying us minimal charges, all the exit points of your house will be sealed in no time at all. Eddie and Sons 24 hour locksmith Brooklyn will send a team of technicians who will make the lost keys useless by rekeying the locks.


Locks rekeyed according to your specifications

If at all you want your locks rekeyed; think of us. Being a leading and most experienced lock services and products company, Eddie and Sons 24 Hour Locksmith Brooklyn NY, has always been known to provide solutions according to customers’ needs and budget. As a responsible company, we fully understand how important it is to rekey locks from time-to-time. Only by this way you can be sure of meeting your security needs that will match your requirements. In choosing us you are sure to get value-for-money services and in the quickest possible time. Talk to our experts or visit us anytime. We will only be glad to hear from you!