Some customer stories

I happened to have had a stressful day and on top of that, I locked myself out of the house. Rushing to get everything that I needed to get done for the day, I left my only set of house keys sitting on the table by the door. I could literally see them from the door window. Frustrated, I called a locksmith in Brooklyn, NY where I lived. It took the locksmith 45 minutes to get out to my house. Once he got there they asked a bunch of questions in order to unlock the door. My luck turned into something better once I saw that this locksmith in Brooklyn, NY was skilled and knew exactly what he was doing. After fifteen minutes of him fidgeting with my door handle he got the door unlocked. He was kind is his manner and asked if I would like to have a spare key made so that this doesn’t happen again. I agreed and he when to his van and cut me an identical key for my front and back door. I was pleased as I watched him drive away.

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