Electric Door Lock – Installation & Repair Services

Smart locks are indeed here to make life easy for you. They notify you when your door is open and you can grant access to anyone without having to stand up from where you are seated. They can also serve as an addition to your already automated home features. Although they are most commonly found on cars, there are now manufacturers who seek to provide this lock system for homes and business places as well. An electric door lock has proven to be the best security solution for many people. There is currently a great demand for this type of lock because it doesn’t require keys to lock or unlock it. Which, of course, can put an end to that unpleasant feeling you get when you have misplaced the keys to your front door lock. So, do you have the intention of installing an electric door lock for your home or business place? Eddie and Sons Locksmith has got you covered in Brooklyn, NY. electric door lock - Eddie and Sons Locksmith

Conventional Door Lock vs. Electric Door Lock

Each locking technique has benefits and drawbacks. Numeric or alphabetical keycodes can be lost to memory (they can even be memorized by somebody with ill intentions), whereas regular keys, such as steel keys, key cards, or handheld remote controls, can be lost or damaged. When required, the user can quickly and simply change key codes. But replacing actual locks and keys is far more complicated and calls for specific gear and expertise. A power outage or failure can also cause electric locks to remain locked or unlocked until power is restored or the battery is replaced. On most electric locks, though, you will find a combination of a keypad door lock and a regular key lock. This is usually the case, and it is meant to override the electric lock itself during an emergency. Combining two lock systems often serves the purpose of additional functionality as well as an extra layer of security and safety. So, perhaps you should consider getting an electric door lock that provides the option of using a key as well, instead of a pure electric door lock. This will help should there be a power outage or a dead battery. For the installation and repair of any of these locks, you can contact our Bay Ridge locksmith. We provide the best services in Brooklyn, NY. So do not hesitate to reach out to us as soon as you need such service.

Smart Door Locks and Commercial Security

With highly-effective lock systems, a smart lock can offer the level of security required for a business place. You can easily monitor and control this lock remotely, which gives you optimum access control. This, of course, makes it a perfect option for your business place. This type of lock can be accessed via your smartphone. This means you can lock and unlock any door from anywhere you may be. It is particularly useful when there is an emergency while you are away. Since you can control the locks from anywhere, doors that are usually kept locked while you are away can be unlocked during an emergency. This makes it an option that you should consider if you want total access control in your business building.

How to Get a Smart Door Lock

There are a lot of manufacturers of this type of lock. So you should be careful that you are getting the right one for your home or business. If you are having difficulty choosing one, Eddie and Sons Locksmith can help you out. We are well versed in all the different kinds of locks available. We can help to determine the best one for your home or business. Also, because we are in partnership with some of these manufacturers. We can make sure you get the absolute best on the market. So, if you need electric or smart commercial door locks, please contact us in Brooklyn, NY. Of course, if you want one for your home, you can reach out to us as well. In addition, if you have got one of these types of locks installed, then there is a possibility that you may need repairs at some point. While this may not be a regular occurrence for this lock type, something can go wrong and may require the presence of a repair expert. However, if maintenance services are carried out once in a while, such repairs can be avoided altogether. So, give us a call right away if you want an installation, repair, or maintenance service. We are your best shot in the city!