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Need New Locks installation? Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Brooklyn NY is a team of expert locksmiths.

Eddie and Sons Locksmith knows the how complicated it can be to install new locks on a home. Even if you are just replacing the locks, it takes some effort. With new locks installation, you can make the switch from older locks to more convenient and safer locks like dead bolts and even magnetic locks. Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Brooklyn NY specializes in new locks installation and will walk you through the entire process while preparing you for the transition. With the right professionals and lock replacement options, you cannot go wrong when you choose to work with us today.

Our 24 Hour Locksmith in Brooklyn NY is a professional peephole installer

With many intruders lurking around today, peepholes are becoming more of a necessity than ever. The peephole keeps you safe as you do not have to open the door to see who is there. Finding an expert professional who can install the right peephole for you can be hard but you do not have to struggle. Eddie and Sons 24 Hour Locksmith in Brooklyn NY is security experts and know how to conduct peephole installation on your behalf that will give you peace of mind and they will help you by walking you through the entire process from scratch to finish. With your new peephole, your level and confidence of security just went up a notch.

Master key systems from Master Locksmiths

If you own multiple properties you know how important it is to make sure that you are able to keep tabs on your properties. With the various keys that each property has, if one gets lost you need to be able to replace it. With a master key system this is easy because you have one master key that can open all the doors and can be duplicated when needed. A locksmith can help you with making sure that you have the right master key system in place for your properties. Call us today on 718-701-8833 to find out more, and check our site for news

The highest Quality technicians

We offer the highest quality technician s with the highest certifications that the technician community has to offer. The highest level of car locksmiths in Brooklyn NY. There is no reason to expect anything else from the technician s that you hire. Especially in an emergency it is important that all jobs are treated as a concern for security. Every lock is important because of what the lock is protecting. All homes deserve proper security. Very few technician companies can claim the level of satisfaction that we claim from our technician s. Our customers frequently return and frequently and they highly recommend the service that we provide. Never trust in a half rate technician when the top notch employees at Eddie and Sons technician have the solutions you need. These solutions bring security and peace of mind.