Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn New York

Have a customized peephole installation in your house

Who said that peepholes should be unattractive? Instead of the traditionally dull installations, we have shiny pieces that will really tickle your fancy! We take pride in offering customized peephole installation in our customers’ house doors. Make a bold statement to the visitors who frequent your house with our personalized peepholes today. We have them in different shapes, sizes, colours, and designs. Have a peephole with a tasteful finish. Choose between the glorious golden, splendid silver and wonderful wood finished items. Alternatively, tell us what design you want and we will craft it for you.


Do you need to remove broken keys from your locks? Use the right tools

The anxiety that comes with broken keys can be overwhelming. In addition, the pressure to remove broken keys may lead you to use crude tools and equipment. Doing so only causes more harm to the padlock or security device, rendering it dysfunctional. Instead, trust experts from Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn New York to do the job for you. We have a collection of tools that we bring to your house, office, or business premises. Moreover, we keep investing in modern tools, equipment, and technology because the door locking technology is evolving.

Rely on our guaranteed security systems

Many companies that deal with security systems will offer little or no guarantee for their devices. You may have to spend a fortune should the systems falter. Luckily, at Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn New York, we provide lengthy warranties for all door locks, window gates, and locking systems. Our main objective is establishing and maintaining a strong customer relationship. In this regard, you could enjoy warranties of several years, depending on the type of security appliance installed. In addition, we educate you on a few tricks to ensure your locks and keys remain fully functional. This way, the security of your loved ones and possessions will never be compromised.

Let insured experts repair your vehicle locks

Once the lock of your vehicle encounters a hitch, you would naturally drive to the nearest handy man to check it out. However, you could be inviting more trouble if the person you settle on is not insured. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn New York, we have insurance against any risky eventuality that may arise when installing or repairing your vehicle locks. For example, the electric current flowing through the system may cause damage to other parts other than the lock. In such an event, our insurance policy mandates us to compensate you. Call us on 718-701-8833 to learn more.