Eddie and Sons Safe / Vault Lockout Services

If you have a building or shed that is in need of high quality padlocks, it may be a challenge to find ones that fit your needs. At Eddie and Sons Safe / Vault Lockout Services we can offer you a number of different styles and types of padlocks so you can find the one that best fits your needs. If keeping your personal belongings safe is your number one priority, then we can help. Call us today so we can talk to you about our wide selection of padlocks that will keep your items safe.

Remove broken keys with ease

Keys get broken off in doors all the time. It can be a frustrating situation to be in and you may not know what to do. At Eddie and Sons Unlock Safe Vault Locksmith Brooklyn Services we remove broken keys and get Segal locks and keys working like normal again. We use high quality tools to get the job done fast and effectively. Regardless of how complex it may become, our professionals can quickly and safely extract the key without breaking the lock so you can get on with your day. If you have a broken key emergency call us so that we can remove your broken key and get your locks working like new again.

Getting vehicle keys made fast and effectively

Car key mishaps happen more than you think so it is important that you always have a backup car key for emergencies. If you don’t have a backup key hidden in a safe place then you need vehicle keys made right away. At Eddie and Sons Safe / Vault Lockout Services we can have brand new vehicle keys made for your car and will get it done fast and right. We have a team of professionals that can make precise keys for just about any make or model. Be prepared with backup car keys. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you.

An emergency key service who works weekends!

Have you ever been out for dinner on a Saturday night only to find out that you have locked your keys in your car? Have you ever come home only to try to unlock your door and have your key break off in the lock? It can be a frustrating situation but it is not hopeless. At Eddie and Sons Safe Brooklyn Lockout Service our team works weekends so we are available for all of your key and lock emergencies. We don’t want you locked out of your home, even on the weekends. If you are in need of a trusted, professional locksmith who works weekends and is there when you need them most, give us a call at 718-701-8833.

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