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Having a peephole installed in your door is a step ahead in providing better security for your family and for your home. It is a good practice to check first who is outside your doorstep before opening it. The advantage of having a peephole at your door is that you can see and check first if the person at your doorstep will pose a threat or not to your family and property. That is, if you do not know who the person is and if he seems to act suspiciously. Eddie and Sons Bridgeview Locksmith 11209 provides peephole installation effortlessly the task is done instantly. So call us now and have your peephole installed for better security.

Eddie and Sons Bridgeview Locksmith 11209 does effective re-keying

For your lost keys, a better option is to have the locks re-keyed. This is more cost-effective as you do not need to buy new locks and have them installed. You only need to change a series of notches in the key. Of course you probably do not know that and most likely do not know how to do that. Eddie and Sons Bridgeview Locksmith 11209 offers re-keying services and they do the task effectively. You are guaranteed the new keys will function well. Dial our number now at 718-701-8833 and we will do the re-keying for you in just a few minutes.

Bridgeview Locksmith 11209 will have your Safes and vaults opened undamaged


When you are looking for someone who can open your safe or vault opened, you do not just look for one. You should look for someone who is knowledgeable, skilled, experienced and a real professional to handle the job. Likewise, he must have the necessary tools to carry out the task without damaging your safe or vault. Eddie and Sons Bridgeview Locksmith 11209 has a number of skilled, knowledgeable, experienced and highly professional staff. They are fully equipped with the necessary tools needed in having different safes and vaults opened without compromising their appearance, functionality and integrity. To have your safe or vault opened, call us and we guarantee quality work!

Our Professional locksmiths offers and installs high quality padlocks

Though it may seem to be one of the easiest ways to secure an area, padlocks still provide great security to any place you want secured. It does not need to be mounted in a door and all you need are durable hooks where you can insert the padlocks. Our ever dependable locksmith near me can do what is necessary so the padlocks may be connected and used effectively and secured. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn, NY also offer padlocks which are of high quality and more durable than what are available in the market. We guarantee that our padlocks provide the highest quality making them worth your money. So call us now and we will deliver and install them in just a few minutes. For news from our locksmiths, read our blog.

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