Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn

It is common for a person to have his car or house security services by incompetent technicians at night. After dusk, it may be tricky working because darkness has set in. However, this should never be a justification for shoddy work. For this reason, Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn dispatches its most seasoned technicians at night. We have a team of technicians working on shifts both day and night. What’s more, all handymen are properly trained for the job. In rare cases, they will request for back-up from their supervisors. We ensure top-notch coordination to guarantee you 24/7 emergency service.


Discover car keys made of driver recognition technology

The technology used to manufacture your car locking systems could make or break the success of your company. With rising insecurity, police witness many reports of vehicle thefts every day. In fact, some cities experience hundreds of car robberies each month. These cases can be eliminated once and for all by using car keys made of driver recognition technology. Essentially, each key is assigned to a specific car and driver so that a driver cannot drive the wrong car. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn, we recommend this technology to owners and managers of fleets of vehicles.


Invest in suitable dead-bolts security systems

Dead-bolts are one of the trusted locks in the world today. To add style to the systems, we introduce automatic and manual varieties. Choose a lock that opens and closes according to your style. While we have manual locks at Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn, we stock powered ones that function automatically. Powered locks are more reliable and sturdy. However, they could pose a problem when the power supply is interrupted or when they experience technical hitches. Alternatively, settle for the semi automatic varieties that could still be opened or closed manually should there be a power blackout.

Keep your weapons safe with our range of gun locks

Do you have a collection of handguns, revolvers, or pistols? If yes, how safe are they? Did you know you could be prosecuted if the locking system of your gun safe or vault is faulty? Now you know. It is time to take action to avoid getting in trouble with the law. More importantly contact us at 718-701-8833 and invest in gun locks from Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn to prevent intruders from gaining access to your weapons. The lock should be so perceptive that you do not have to fumble with it in the event robber break into your house.