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Locksmith in Brooklyn NY has continually proven itself to be a leader when it comes to providing quality and reliable service. The level of skill of a locksmith is measured by the kind of lock he can build. The safer and breach proof a lock is the better the tech. We have only the best employees who ensure that your security and safety is not compromised. The rate of crimes and thefts is currently on the rise. There is therefore a need to keep our families, especially children, safe from any malicious attackers. Our property and treasured valuables also need to be kept completely secure. You can only do this by seeking the services of a quality and professional security services company. We are such a company. With our services you will not regret anything.

Read about Locksmith in Brooklyn NY – a leading giant in the provision of high quality and professional services. With a highly qualified team of professional and highly trained techs, the company has proved to be the best solution in the region for any residential, commercial, automotive or emergency services. We provide services for vehicles, residential houses, business premises and safes.

Our services are just a call away and with our quick response time of fifteen minute you can be assured that we will be there within no time. To further save on time we also provide quick on-site services like key replacements and opening locked doors. So, next time you lose your keys do not break down the door, simply call us and your problem will be solved in no time at all.


Locksmith in Brooklyn

The fact that your car ignition cylinder is sensitive cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, it should be treated with the care and reverence that it deserves. In this regard, our experts have spent long hours studying the ignition systems of various car engines. In fact, part of our functions involves regular training on the single most important part of any car. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Brooklyn, we conduct seminars, conventions, trainings, and conferences so that our experts remain on top of their game. This way, you are guaranteed of the latest installation of ignition switch keys.

Have your house keys copied by licensed technicians

It is against the law in many jurisdictions to have keys copied by unlicensed individuals. This is deemed as compromising the security of the premises. In this regard, you could be prosecuted for abetting a crime should there be a break-in. To stay on the safe side, call upon Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Brooklyn to do all copying of keys at home and in the workplace at all times. If you need to confirm that we are duly registered and licensed, walk into our offices today. You will have access to the certificates of trade from all relevant authorities. Read more about Eddie and Sons locksmith here.

Introduction of magnetic locks for your drawers and safes

If you work in a large institution, company, or organization, you may never know whom to trust. While the doors may remain open for the better part of the day, keep off intruders from accessing your cabinets and drawers using the powerful magnetic locks. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Brooklyn, we have perceptive magnetic locking units with up to eight locks designed for your office drawers and safes. They are manufactured in a way that only one key should open all locks. This way, you avoid the inconvenience of carrying many keys for different locks.

Enjoy unrivaled customer service during new locks installation

Are you a property owner, construction contractor or an individual homeowner? If you are building a new house or building, call 718-701-8833 and let technicians from Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Brooklyn conduct a new locks installation on all your doors today. The advantage of using our security hardware from the beginning is that you will only have to replace them after a very long time. Unlike our competitors, we have a huge variety of locking systems to suit the function of your building. Our rates are the most competitive in the market today. Take advantage of our unmatched customer support.