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Safes and Vaults Opened Task Requires Highly Professional Skills

A technician with basic skills and couple of years experience cannot handle all kinds of safes and vaults opened tasks. It requires years of experience and true professional skills in order to understand the safe/vault mechanism. Our most capable six technicians form a team which handles only safes and vaults related issues. Attending the monthly training session has been made compulsory for the special unit technicians. Our Site Locksmith Brooklyn New York is able to solve the issues in front of you. It may take an hour or two but we guarantee to solve the issue successfully.

Transponder Keys Work With No Rocket Science

People have developed a common misconception that transponder keys are some sort of high-tech difficult to understand security device. These rumors are spread in the market by vehicle locks manufacturers. The fact is that your original key becomes a transponder key with addition of small electronic chip. It is registered with the vehicle’s ECU. You get to use the same key for as long as you wish. Our Site Locksmith Brooklyn New York will take responsibility of removing the chip for free if you ever want to. Get further details from the helpline 718-701-8833.

Window Gates Are Not An Expensive Purchase Anymore

The days are gone when you had to save money in order to get extra protection at the house in form of window gates. You can see them installed at most of the houses in every street. Manufacturers have introduced stylish designs of window gates. With the installation, they almost look like a part of house décor. Here comes the best part, purchasing window gates does not involve huge amount of money. Our Site Locksmith Brooklyn New York is offering 10 models of window gates within nominal price range. Call us in case you are interested.

Get Work Weekends Service On Reservation Basis

We have some major good news for our dearest customers. Previously, you were able to avail the work weekends service only by calling on Saturdays and Sundays. Now, you can make early reservations for a specific time and day. In this way, you will be able to avail our locksmith services when it would be most convenient. Our Site Locksmith Brooklyn New York is waiting for your call. From now onwards, customers who make reservations will be our first priority. Our business philosophy is based on bringing positive change for the customers. Feedback is highly appreciated.

24/7 Service Is Delivered For All Kinds Of Issues

Our Site Locksmith Brooklyn New York is performing locksmith service delivery operations continuously for more than 5 years. Just call us, name the issue and we will solve it without considering what time it is. Like our professional locksmith services, the helpline is also available 24 hours daily. You have the liberty to ask for urgent service delivery or making a reservation. Whichever way you like to go it’s perfectly fine with us. Our business is a 24/7 service based setup. If you want us to bring any changes to our service blue print, call us and mention the valuable suggestion.